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Crypto Bird
Crypto Bird

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The Crypto Bird Project

Crypto Bird gameplay

I started The Crypto Bird Project with a simple concept in mind: deliver tangible things, not impossible promises.

Being into the NFT space since the beginning, I saw many collections failing, I fought to obtain access for the whitelists, I bought a ton of NFTs at minting. In the end, 99% of these projects were scams or simply garbage.

Burnt from all such horrible experiences I created The Crypto Bird Project. It was ready to mint for everyone from day 1 and owners were able to play (also on mobile) with their NFTs. There was no whitelist, no impossible promises, no "to the moon" slogans but only facts, real things that you can try by yourself, firsthand. You can mint a Crypto Bird and see it directly in your wallet, already listed on OpenSea, already stakable and breedable, you can even already play with it. The utility token of the project, $FEATHER, already exists. There is a play-to-earn game, Nest Wars already live and also we have a marketplace where anyone can buy and sell their ERC-721 NFTs on Polygon, possibly with no fees!

I believe in The Crypto Bird Project, and I put a lot of effort in its development. If you like my approach, please go on and mint a Crypto Bird to support my work!


Crypto Bird collection
Crypto Bird game
$FEATHER token
Staking system
Cross-address Breeding
Crypto Bird Eggs collection
Nest Wars Play-To-Earn game
Hatching mechanism
Strange Birds collection
Gen.2 Play-To-Earn game
Metaverse integration
Native mobile apps


Many collections promise the staking functionality "sooner in the future" or that "there will be staking". Crypto Bird has already a staking system, right now, working.

And this is not all. You can stake for free, nothing to pay for. Just grab a Crypto Bird (or more, why not?) and stake it! You can claim your rewards even every second. Are you tired to have your Crypto Bird staked? No problem at all, unstake it, again for free!

Staking a Crypto Bird give rewards in the form of our utility token, $FEATHER.

Crypto Bird staking


As you probably understood reading the paragraphs above, the project has also an utility token. Welcome, $FEATHER.

DISCLAIMER: $FEATHER is NOT to be intended by any means as an investment and/or as a security. I cannot be deemed responsible for any consequence in buying, trading and/or using the $FEATHER token.

Ok, cool, now that you wrote the boring responsibility declination stuff, what can we do with the $FEATHER token? You can use right now the $FEATHER token to breed the Crypto Birds and obtain the Crypto Bird Eggs. But it doesn't end here, $FEATHER is also the base currency of our play-to-earn (P2E) game, Nest Wars. Our marketplace has zero listing fees if you sell or buy a NFT using the $FEATHER token. Sooner than later you will use the $FEATHER token to hatch the Crypto Bird Eggs into the Crypto Birds Gen.2 and also in our next play-to-earn game.

In the following picture you'll have a sketch of the tokenomics, a.k.a. how the total token supply is distributed. $FEATHER is a deflationary token (more in next sections). As you can see, 25% of the total supply stays in the staking smart contract that holds the staked Crypto Bird NFTs. It guarantees a steady outflow of tokens to the stakers. Another 20% is designated for the game rewards, as incentive to spend time in the upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) games. 30% lies in the Nest Wars smart contract, our first P2E game. Similarly to the staking smart contract, it generates an outflow of $FEATHER to stakers of Crypto Bird Egg NFTs and players of the game. 15% are reserved for future project developments, for example buying a land on SandBox, integrating external services, deploy on Ethereum mainnet, etc. The remaining 10% goes to the team.

Crypto Bird tokenomics


Crypto Bird staking

Do you already have at least two Crypto Birds? Well you're good to go to breed them and obtain an egg! Even if you have just one Crypto Bird you can make it breed with a friend! Just head to our Discord and find someone to breed with. Breeding with another wallet is even more convenient since both of you will obtain a Crypto Bird Egg.

Every Crypto Bird can mate at most 10 times, so choose carefully when and with whom to make the breeding! Moreover, each time you make a Crypto Bird breed the price to be paid in $FEATHER increases and after the breeding a Crypto Bird must recover. The cooldown period gets longer the more you make a Crypto Bird breed.

Half of the $FEATHER spent for breeding will be burned, decreasing the total amount of circulating $FEATHER.

Crypto Bird Eggs

When you breed two Crypto Birds, they lay one or more Crypto Bird Eggs. There exist 8 different Crypto Bird Eggs with 8 different rarities.

Each breeding can generate them accordingly with the following chart. All the eggs are listed on OpenSea since the minting and can be freely exchanged. Of course there is no reveal and no whitelist.

Remember that a more rare Crypto Bird Egg has an higher chance to generate a more powerful Crypto Bird Gen.2! So decide carefully when trading the Crypto Bird Eggs!

Half of the $FEATHER spent for hatching will be burned, decreasing the total amount of circulating $FEATHER.

0.05% chance
0.45% chance
2% chance
2.5% chance
5% chance
10% chance
30% chance
50% chance

Nest Wars

Crypto Bird staking

Nest Wars is the first Play-to-Earn game of the Crypto Bird project.

Climb the Leaderboard and obtain a huge bag of $FEATHER competing against other players in the game.

Stake you Crypto Birds and your Crypto Bird Eggs to power-up your nest and increase your chances to win big.

Mobile apps

Just to be clear: YOU CAN ALREADY PLAY ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE using any browser with Web3 support (like MetaMask for example).

Following the exceptional success of Flappy Bird, it makes perfect sense to integrate the Crypto Bird game into native mobile applications, both for Android and iOS.

Developing such native applications requires a lot of knowledge and skills that probably need to be carried out as a team. I welcome anyone willing to participate and help in realizing such applications.


This is one of the most succulent parts of the project. The Crypto Bird sprites are natively compatible with many external applications. One of them is, rolling drums, the Metaverse!

While this is still WORK IN PROGRESS, each Crypto Bird will eventually become a companion that can follow your avatar in the Metaverse. Yes you read this correctly, the Crypto Birds will have a bridge to ETH mainnet and the NFTs will be fully compatible with Metaverse. How does it look like? A possible rendering is in this image. Do you have an ape who is alone? Rest assured, this won't last long!

I'm defining also a narrative for Crypto Birds Gen.2 in the Metaverse. They will possibly be full avatars (with legs, arms, accessories, etc.) but since this is something not defined yet I prefer to introduce these avatars later.

Crypto Bird integration


The Crypto Bird Project is proud to announce that its own marketplace is now LIVE! We give to all our supporters a new kind of marketplace, where $MATIC can be used to make purchases. No more need for expensive swaps between blockchains. We are native on Polygon.

Use your $FEATHER, $MATIC or $WETH to buy NFTs. List your NFTs completely for free and if you're not sure anymore, just withdraw the listings at any moment, again for free! We natively support any ERC-721 NFT collection on Polygon, in a fully decentralized fashion.

Strange Birds collection

Strange Birds collection

It's time to hatch the hatchable! The Strange Birds collection now landed for The Crypto Bird Project. Take your Crypto Bird Eggs and hatch them into such new creatures with incredible skills!

Their code has both an on-chain and an off-chain side and remember, rarer Crypto Bird Eggs hatch into more powerful Strange Birds. These Strange Birds will be part of the next Play-To-Earn game we are making right now.